Every time champion

August 22, 2009

Sakurai may have popularised fighters having sex on film but former DEEP women’s lightweight (106lbs apparently) champion pioneered it. Not only that, but she got paid for it, so whereas Sakurai’s just a roguish sex fiend Hisae Watanabe is actually a whore. She’s retired but apparently is having an exhibition match with Megumi Fujii in Shootboxing or something. Whatever.

If you have low standards and really want to see some frog-faced Asian broad have sex then click here I guess, but if not then just appreciate the anecdote and check this:


Sengoku’s awful judging explained. Or not.

August 21, 2009

Shiroobi of Skill MMA (which is great and if you’re the blog reading faggot type you should read it) has obtained the Sengoku judging criteria and let us know what the fuck is going on:

The fundamentals are:

1. Damage (Knockdowns, or strikes that give the judges confidence the same damage as a knockdown has taken place. Applied submissions, or “catches”, create damage to the body.)

2. Dominance.

3. Aggression.

All three fundamentals are considered, and each round is scored on the ten-point must system.

There’s actually a lot more to it and I’m not going to quote it all wholesale so go read it, but essentially, the criteria aren’t all that unreasonable (though they may be unfairly weighted to standup) it’s just that the judges are shithead idiots.

The K-1 mandated Armenian entrance song

August 20, 2009

If you’re Armenian and not Gago Drago, K-1 have made you enter to this song at least once. Mousasi and Petrosyan have and it’s pretty cool and gets stuck in my brain. Here’s the MP3 if you’re gay like me.

Some gay porn dude wants to fight in Dream?

August 19, 2009

fuck your stupid country

fuck your stupid country

So apparently there’s some faggot dude who’s some kind of internet celebrity or some shit, well anyway he mentioned in an interview that he wants to fight in K-1 or Dream. I mean he also said he wanted to fight Machida, which obviously isn’t going to happen, but all this Super Hulk shit is the fault of meddling TV executives, and if they catch wind of this the term “Super Hulk” might get redefined.

People seem to keep moving the goalposts on when exactly the sport is “mainstream”, it’s pretty fucking mainstream now, but just wait until gay porn dudes want to fight Kimbo Slice.

Co-promoting and what it means for Dream

August 18, 2009

  • A continued (if small) source of revenue.

“Booking fees” are a trick from the olden days of pro-wrestling. You send some dudes over and skim a little off the top. When the Inoki Bom Ba Ye fiasco with Fedor hit and the Yakuza got involved, the Inoki people ended up paying a 1 million dollar booking fee that Pride had no legal right to be charging in the first place. Crime does not pay.

  • A way to keep guys active.

Kawajiri has no place fighting K-1 rules bouts, moreover, he didn’t want to take those fights, but there was nothing else on the table. Dream run 6 cards a year, and unless they want to push you and give you an endless run of David Gardners, you’re not going to get enough fights. If you have no card space for a guy, there’s probably something for him pretty soon in America and stops you from booking Daisuke Nakamura vs Artur Kyshenko.

  • Access to talent with none of the legwork.

You want someone on a card for a specific purpose? You can get it and you don’t have to worry about lining up another two fights for him. This is especially good for the heavyweights.

  • Access to Fedor

Fedor’s not a mega-star or anything, but he’s got considerably more drawing power than basically anyone in Dream at the moment. In addition to that, there’s the possibility of using him as leverage to bring Sengoku to the table and spread costs further.

Coker’s mentioned recently that he expects there to be an actual co-promotion some time very soon. If they have more in mind than just talent sharing, it’ll be interesting to see how things go.

Gono returns to training on friday

August 17, 2009

yeah hdurr gonna offer commentary on this

Josh Barnett fucked up making Rice Krispie treats

August 16, 2009

What are you some kinda faggot?

Pride comes before a fall

August 14, 2009

wow tim you look different

See that pun? Yeah, that’s a pun. In 2007, Satoru Kitaoka finally got his big break, and was entered into the PRIDE 2007 Lightweight Grand Prix. Which of course never happened and he toiled around in obscurity for a while, tore Gomi’s foot off, and just lost it all again.

But that’s not what this is about. You might have heard of Nippon Top Team, which is a loose association of 3 men, Shinya Aoki, Satoru Kitaoka, and Masakazu Imanari (the ugly smelly one). They have kind of a strange association, despite being a team, Kitaoka has been quite open and vocal about fighting Aoki in the future. That’s not to say that they dislike each other or anything, it’s simply a byproduct of the kind of gym hopping a lot of Japanese fighters do, and in particular the kind of gym Yuki Nakai runs.

If you have membership with any gym, whether it’s Paraestra affiliated or not, you can train for free with Yuki Nakai. If you come in the afternoon, there’s free sparring. Kitaoka and Aoki train at separate Paraestra gyms, but still train together occasionally. However, whereas Aoki spends lots of time in Thailand training his striking, Kitaoka takes private taekwondo lessons. Which is a bad idea for MMA.

Gym hopping is the in thing right now for former Wajyutsu Keishukai guys, Akiyama’s built his own gym (he’s rich) but Uno and Okami have been all over the place.

Before there was Overeem, there was Gono

August 14, 2009

People get wrapped up in his entrances and forget that he really is a fantastically well rounded fighter, check it:

Here’s his AJKF heavyweight title match from 2005, his second of 3 kickboxing bouts

And here’s his foray into ADCC from 2001


August 14, 2009