Sengoku’s awful judging explained. Or not.

Shiroobi of Skill MMA (which is great and if you’re the blog reading faggot type you should read it) has obtained the Sengoku judging criteria and let us know what the fuck is going on:

The fundamentals are:

1. Damage (Knockdowns, or strikes that give the judges confidence the same damage as a knockdown has taken place. Applied submissions, or “catches”, create damage to the body.)

2. Dominance.

3. Aggression.

All three fundamentals are considered, and each round is scored on the ten-point must system.

There’s actually a lot more to it and I’m not going to quote it all wholesale so go read it, but essentially, the criteria aren’t all that unreasonable (though they may be unfairly weighted to standup) it’s just that the judges are shithead idiots.


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