A life of crime

August 13, 2009

You know who else is all up on that environment and volunteering stuff? That’s right.

Misaki prepares to stomp Cung Le

Misaki prepares to stomp Cung Le

Misaki participates in the Marugomi Can Crushing Tournament, promoting the importance of recycling, compacting waste, and tackling litter.

Misaki single-handedly cleans up Chiba.

Misaki with the kids kickboxing class at the Power of Dream gym.

They draw pictures of him to celebrate all of his kind deeds and incredible accomplishments.


A day in the life of Katsunori Kikuno

August 13, 2009

Katsunori Kikuno has returned to his childhood home, Kagoshima, while he was there this was his itinerary:

Visit a care home for elderly people with Alzheimer’s and let them feel you up

Teach them some katas

Weed their garden

Hold a seminar

Donate the entirety of the proceeds to a green charity and meet the mayor

Clean up the beach

Weed an organic rice field

Give an inspirational speech to high school students

Organise a summer festival for the elderly

Personally serve them food and drink

Ok so it wasn’t all done in one day but the guy is a fucking hero.


August 12, 2009

My favourite part of when Hayato Sakurai fights nowadays is that the hype video always shows Frank Trigg getting killed. It’s kind of sad that this is the case when Sakurai was at one point the best pound for pound fighter on the planet.

I’ve already posted a lot about Sakurai’s subsistence farming, yoga teacher fucking, bike riding ways, but here’s a not so fun fact:

The man responsible for tearing Sakurai’s ACL before the Gomi fight is Chris Leben. Fuck Chris Leben.

Just while everybody’s hating M-1

August 11, 2009

Seiya Kawamata, a former yakuza intermediary for K-1 and Antonio Inoki, who spent several years in exile fearing for his life, now gives business advice to M-1 Global. It takes a lot of co-promoting to send kickbacks that far.

Secret Koreans

August 11, 2009

So everybody knows that everybody hates Akiyama, and part of that is that he’s of Korean ancestry. A lot of people seem to think that it’s solely the Korean thing, but really it’s because he cheated against Sakuraba in a fight he couldn’t possibly lose anyway. Here’s some more Koreans who aren’t universally reviled to prove a point:

Akira Maeda, aka Il-Myung Koh. Founder of RINGS, HERO*S bigwig, and now founder of The Outsider, an MMA organisation primarily geared around putting criminals in the ring rather than have them run the promotion.

Kotetsu Boku, aka I FORGOT OK, something Park. Boku is criminally overlooked, he has some of the best boxing in MMA. Unfortunately, when he had a great opportunity to showcase it against Joachim Hansen in the opening round of the DREAM LWGP, he turned out to be totally flummoxed by fighting a southpaw. He sports a tattoo of a Korean ironclad turtle ship on his chest, which is probably not such a great idea, but probably a smarter idea than the giant tiger he now has on his side with hangul characters hidden in it, and taking the nickname “The Korean Tiger”. But if you’re going to toil in Shooto obscurity forever, why the fuck not.

Taiei Kin, aka Tae Young Kim. Taiei Kin was an old K-1 dude, and a pretty good one at that. In 2006, he was booked in another installment of the neverending K-1 vs MMA stupidity, against fellow not quite Korean Yoshihiro Akiyama. He lost by armbar, but continued to take MMA fights every now and then. Out of nowhere, he developed a pretty mean sprawl, but any momentum he might have had got destroyed when Zelg Galesic sliced his eye open with his toenail and then accidentally dislocated his elbow.

Mr I., aka Mr. Ishizaka, aka Kim Dok-Soo. Ever wonder who really owned PRIDE? This dude, apparently. A yakuza of Korean ancestry which would probably be interesting if anything was known about him, but it isn’t. To the point that in Bas Boon’s tell-all article, he simply refers to him as “de big boss”. He was a big supporter of trying to break into the Korean market. Choi Mu Bae was his personal experiment, Yoshihiro Akiyama was Akira Maeda’s. Not all Koreans are created equal.

Nogueira is a medical wreck

August 11, 2009
pretty majestic though

pretty majestic though

Haha, he armbarred the truck. Those guys are pretty funny, right? As a child, Nogueira was run over by a truck. Everybody knows that part. The truck (driven by his neighbour) slowly reversed over him, his twin brother Rogerio tried to no avail to pull him out. He had enough time and the presence of mind to move his head out of the way of the wheel.

Two of his ribs were cracked, in turn, they punctured a lung. The ribs were removed, part of the lung was removed, his spleen was removed, part of his liver was removed, his knee and achilles tendon were damaged, his diaphragm became detached and he required 300 stitches. He had a device left forgotten in his neck for 10 months during his recovery that needed to be surgically removed. In adulthood he’s struggled with serious back injury, and had surgery on both knees and both elbows.

The back is the important one. A few years back, a hanger on in Fedor’s entourage said he doesn’t want to see another fight with Nogueira because he’s a “junkie”. Prior to their first fight, Nogueira had a back injury. A pretty bad one. To the point that whilst walking around Yokohama, he needed to sit down, and so he did in the middle of the street, and found himself unable to stand. Japan being as it is, they simply injected him with shitloads of painkillers and off he went on his merry way. Similarly, Don Frye fought in Japan with shot knees for years, simply getting a heapin’ helpin’ of lidocaine. There were even rumours of Chute Boxe using methamphetamines.

Nogueira seems to have shot knees now too. Next time they do a countdown show, check out his 32-minute-mile pace. The loss to Mir was pretty sad, but maybe he should’ve learned to pull out of fights earlier in his career.

UPDATE: Yosuke Nishijima is fucking stupid

August 11, 2009

Turns out at no point in his 2 week Muay Thai experience did he cover checking leg kicks.

Yosuke Nishijima is really fucking stupid

August 11, 2009

something that won’t be hapenning tomorrow

In about 9 hours or so, Yosuke Nishijima is either going to have a very sore head, or very sore legs. He is fighting Peter Aerts and is going to get kicked a lot, that’s a thing that happens when you enter a kickboxing match. However, Nishijima is a pie in the sky optimist:

“I’ll treat it like a boxing match.”

He wants to avoid trading kicks, and has been training for 2 weeks with an old 155er who lost to Andy Ologun to prepare for this. Aerts is old and shopworn and it’s perhaps stupid to outright discount the possibility that he could lose, but Nishijima is an idiot.

Cyril Abidi’s managers are dumb

August 10, 2009

Remember Cyril Abidi? He’s the French dude who beat up Aerts a couple of times and then started losing fights to guys like Rampage. Part of that was because he has a serious knee injury. He also now owns a bakery and has coincidentally ballooned in weight. His knee is sort of healed now but apparently every time he gets into a serious training camp it fucks up again.

He’s been offered a fight in Sengoku, and might be taking it under the assumption that it’ll be easier on his knee. Which is a stupid thought to think.

The story behind “that” submission

August 10, 2009

yeah well whatever

yeah well whatever

So in Japan there’s a dude called Booker K. More accurately there’s a dude called Koichi Kawasaki, but his nickname is Booker K, presumably because he booked fights or something. Anyway, back in PRIDE everything was fucked up and political, rather than having agents who dealt with the promotion, you had agents who dealt with power brokers, who in turn dealt with the promotion.

Chute Boxe’s power broker was Booker K, and BTT’s power broker was some RINGS dude I’ve forgotten the name of. When Chute Boxe imploded in 2003, Shogun and his brain damaged brother were originally going to leave with Anderson and co. However, they were offered a sweeter deal and stuck around (which is why he’s all bitter in interviews). Anderson was no longer part of Chute Boxe, but his fights were still booked through Booker K, and so he got fucked with.

Anderson went into the Chonan fight with a serious knee or ankle injury (I forget which) and was told that if he didn’t win, he was done in PRIDE. Naturally, he didn’t win, and it was a pretty bad time for him, to the point that he considered retirement. Anderson’s only home at that point was the world’s ultimate proving ground for warriors, Cage Rage. Suddenly, he became a titan, and the rest is history.

There’s lots of conflicting opinions and weird revisionist history these days when people discuss Chonan vs. Silva. Ultimately, Silva lost pretty decisively, but he was injured, and most people just don’t know. So next time you see some nerds arguing about this fight, bring this up and act like you knew the whole time.